In the past few years, eCommerce has been booming. With more and more people shopping online, it's important to have a way to sell your products directly from your website.

Sellfy is a digital product platform that allows you to create your own eCommerce store with minimal coding or design experience. In this Sellfy review blog post, we will discuss what it has to offers as well as some of its pros and cons.

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Before we get started on this Sellfy review, I'd like to introduce myself! My name is Eddy, and I've been researching different digital product software in order to determine which one is the most effective for selling items online.

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Let's get started.

Sellfy Overview


Sellfy Overview

Sellfy allows you to sell merchandise and digital products like eBooks, courses, and print-on-demand clothing. It has a built-in shopping cart and payment systems for both digital and physical products. Sellfy also integrates with hundreds of other apps to grow your eCommerce business.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Free trial (no credit card required)
  • Built-in print on demand
  • Sell subscriptions and online courses
  • Advanced checkout pages & storefront


  • Can become expensive if you don't use all the features
  • No order bump option (But upsell is included!)
  • Can't sell physical products in some countries

Do I Recommend Sellfy?

Yes, I recommend Sellfy especially for beginners who are just starting out. Sellfy has a free trial, so you can use it without risking any money. It's also very easy to create your store and start selling right away! I love the fact that you can sell almost anything using this platform as well.

What is Sellfy?

Sellfy is an eCommerce platform that allows users to sell physical merchandise and digital products.


Sellfy is a great platform for beginners to use because it takes away the hassle of needing to set up additional payment methods, shipping rates, and other features. They also have built-in marketing tools that allow you to easily add affiliate links or social sharing buttons.

Something I noticed about this platform is that it has a lot of similarities to Etsy and Shopify, which are popular eCommerce platforms. This really seems like the best alternative for anyone who wants to switch over from using more expensive websites but might not have time or money to invest in building their own website.

Sellfy Store

This platform supports several types of payment options, including PayPal through your entire site.

The best part? They also offer a free 14-day trial so you can try out the platform without any obligation to purchase it and navigate the Sellfy platform.

It's easy to use and has beautiful templates that will give your digital products an eye-catching look while ensuring people know exactly what they should expect when buying them from you

How Does Sellfy Work?

Sellfy works by allowing you to easily upload your digital files and physical products. You can also add a description for each file or product, which will help boost your SEO (search engine optimization). The platform has all the tools needed to sell anything online whether it’s an ebook or even a painting. It's is flexible enough for anyone!

How Sellfy Works

Once you sign up you'll be able to create your own store and add products. Sellfy has a built-in dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage everything about your online business!

If you don’t want to sell anything just yet, then I recommend signing up anyway simply because they have some great marketing tools like email automation and social media integration as you work on your monetization strategies.

These features can be a great way to grow your business and start selling products. We'll go over in further detail, the key features this eCommerce platform provides.

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SamCart Overview

SamCart is an all-in-one shopping cart system that allows you to sell online courses, digital products, and coaching programs. They provide the features of a more expensive eCommerce platform like Shopify, but with additional capabilities for selling your own digital products. They also connect to numerous applications using Zapier.



Sellfy is ideal for both selling digital items and e-commerce products online. You can quickly create a beautiful storefront with Sellfy and sell your digital items as well as physical goods across the world, thanks to their built-in shopping cart tool, mobile responsive design that looks great on any device, free SSL certificate to make it simple to sell digital and physical goods, and customizable checkout process.

Who Is Sellfy Made For?

Sellfy is made for anyone who wants to create an online business. If you are someone who is interested in selling physical goods, digital files, or any type of service then this platform can help you sell your hard work.

Sellfy has all the resources needed for anyone at any stage of their entrepreneurship journey. Whether you're looking for how to monetize a blog, youtube channel, or music platform easily.

Sellfy Is Perfect For:

  • Bloggers
  • Content Creators
  • YouTubers
  • Artists
  • Gamers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • & so much more!
Sellfy Results

So don't think you're left out! Get creative, start an online store, and start selling digital products or physical merchandise.


Bloggers can benefit from Sellfy because it can help you monetize your blog. Bloggers are able to create a free account and start selling their own content in just minutes!

That means if you have spent hours upon hours creating valuable educational or entertaining posts then now is the time for you to finally get paid for all that hard work! Not only do bloggers benefit from this but you can also benefit from the features listed below.

Sellfy Blog

Sell digital downloads such as:

  • Ebooks
  • Digital artwork and graphics
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Mini-courses
  • Blog posts

If you need more ideas on digital products, check out my article "Best digital product ideas to sell online".


As a YouTuber, you can build out your entire eCommerce store and sell to your audience once they become fans.

Sellfy YouTube

YouTubers also have the option to create shop pages for merchandise such as:

  • Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Stickers

The best part about it? You can start with print-on-demand dropshipping and link directly to your YouTube Channel. You won't have to worry about any inventory or fulfillment.

Gamers are included here as well since you can really sell anything related to gaming. You can sell game guides, mods for games like Minecraft, and other digital downloads.

All content creators are included here since Sellfy provides all the tools you need to make money online! No matter what type of media or entertainment platform makes up who you are as an entertainer then this is perfect for everyone.

How Much Does Sellfy Cost?

Sellfy's pricing is customizable to fit your needs. You can start with their lowest plan and grow into any of their higher-tier plans as you see fit for your business.

Their pricing is broken down into three tiers: Starter, Business, and Premium.

Basic - $29/month (Save $120 with the yearly plan)

Pro - $59/month (Save $240 with the yearly plan)

Unlimited - $129/month (Save $480 with the yearly plan)

Each plan includes unlimited products and bandwidth, the ability to offer subscription products and coupons, as well as a free domain name.

Sellfy Pricing

If you're looking to remove the Sellfy branding though, you'll need to upgrade to their Business plan.

Their pricing is very reasonable and the features they include for each plan make it a worthwhile investment. It's 100% free to try out their platform which removes the fear of wasting your hard-earned money.

With the starter plan, you can only make up to $10,000 in sales per year. It's a great way to start out with Sellfy and see if it fits your business needs before moving onto the next plan.

The unlimited tier is most useful for businesses that want full control over their prices, offer advanced subscriptions easily, have more products available at once, and create upsells.

Sellfy Plans

Sellfy Features

Sellfy has very advanced features for an eCommerce platform that grows your business whether it's on your own blog or social media platforms. Each product you sell with Sellfy can have its own custom image, description, and links.

Sellfy also has a very powerful analytics dashboard that lets you monitor your conversions including the number of people who visited each page on your store (product page or shopping cart) as well as the amount of revenue per day/monthly. 

I'll be going over each feature in complete detail, but here are the main ones:

  • Build & credit an online store
  • Store customization & shopping cart features
  • Print on demand features
  • Sell digital, physical, and subscription products
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Embed buttons for your website or social media
  • Secure payment methods
  • Advanced VAT & tax settings
  • Let's get started on Sellfy's key features

    Building Your StoreFront

    Sellfy Store Features

    Create a beautiful online store with your own color design and complete branding.

    Customize your homepage, product page, shopping cart, and more.

    You can even customize each of the products you're selling with its own image. All for free without any limitations or hidden charges at all. Sellfy is completely transparent about everything they offer to their customers so if you want to remove Sellfy branding you will need to upgrade.

    Once you set up your pricing, the shopping cart settings will allow you to set how many product variations you want to sell.

    Key features for your storefront include:

    • Optimized mobile design
    • Your own custom domain name
    • Different store languages
    • Advanced shopping cart features

    Sell Product & Subscriptions

    Sellfy Digital Products & Subscriptions

    Make a profit by selling print-on-demand goods, digital items, or receiving recurring income via subscriptions. This is perfect for creators who want to earn more than just affiliate revenue on their website or Youtube channel.

    Sellfy also works with recurring monthly payments using their very advanced subscriptions feature.

    You can sell both physical and digital items with Sellfy's print-on-demand features, which is a full-service fulfillment system that prints your products as they're purchased. A great choice for those who want to earn more without hiring a team of developers or designers, or who want to create a physical store without needing any inventory or shipping.

    Sellfy Product Creation

    You can even sell digital downloadable products that you upload, which makes it much easier than creating multiple product variations on Amazon and eBay.

    To add an extra layer of security when selling your own goods with Sellfy check out their SSL certificate integration. It's free for all users.

    Want to sell video streaming such as private gaming or consultations? Sellfy has you covered with their video streaming integration, which lets your customers pay for a live stream experience.

    Built-in Marketing Features

    Sellfy Marketing Features

    Sellfy includes built-in marketing features to get your products in front of more people.

    You can set up email marketing campaigns to send to your customers when they purchase something from you.

    You can even create an email list of people who are interested in buying certain products, which is perfect for eCommerce entrepreneurs with multiple niche stores or digital downloads they want to sell.

    Sellfy Email Marketing Software

    Do you want to increase order cart volume as well? Well, you can add upsells and cross-sells to your product pages that appear right on the cart. This is a great way to sell more physical products and gain repeat customers by offering them an extra bonus or getting rid of their fear of buying one single item at full price.

    With Sellfy's marketing tools you will never need paid traffic again because they give you all the power.

    And don't forget about their built-in social sharing tools that let you easily share your products on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to get more eyes on what you're selling.

    Sellfy Upsells

    Offer discount codes and install tracking pixels to your checkout page to gain more insight into your leads.

    Embed Features

    Sellfy Embed Features

    Create embeddable products that you can then add to your own website or blog.

    Embed key features:

    • Product links
    • Product cards
    • “Buy now” buttons
    • Store embed
    • YouTube end screens & cards

    With all these embed options, Sellfy can help market your products in different ways.

    You’ll be able to link out to other social media or blog posts that you own, which will drive more traffic back towards your store.

    I love the fact that you can create an easy option for your customers to purchase your digital products or membership services.

    You can also create an embed store, which will allow you to sell your products through other websites.

    Sellfy integrates with almost any social media platform so it doesn't matter where your followers come from. You will be able to accept payments on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or TikTok.

    Secure & Advanced Delivery

    Sellfy Payment Methods

    Accept payments anywhere in the world, keeping your business and its customers secure. Sellfy protects your assets as well as your customers.

    Sellfy also has secure SSL encryption to keep data safe and accept payments using PayPal or Stripe.

    Create PDF stamping and limited downloads so each customer has a unique mark on their product. this also prevents multiple downloads and your files from being resold.

    YouTube Money Calculator

    YouTube Money Calculator

    Sellfy provides a cool YouTube calculator where you can input your monthly views and get paid estimates. It's nice to see how much money you could potentially be making on YouTube (and trust me, it's a lot).

    Sellfy provides its own unique eCommerce solution that is very easy to set up and earn revenue as a small business on YouTube.

    Read my article on the best YouTube monetization strategies to learn how to generate money as a content creator.

    Time to Take Your eCommerce Biz to the Next Level?

    Get a free 14-day trial when you sign up for Sellfy

    Is Sellfy Worth it?

    Yes, Sellfy is worth it whether you're selling physical products or unique digital downloads. They're are an excellent choice for those who want to sell online and have their first eCommerce website.

    The platform grows with you since as you make more money, you can upgrade your account and gain access to more advanced features.

    Let's say you get lost or stuck on a certain step, the Sellfy community is very active and helpful if you post a question you can read their "Getting Started" guide.

    Is Sellfy Legit?

    Sellfy is a legit eCommerce platform that has been around for a while and growing at a fast rate. The majority of people who have tried Sellfy are happy with the results they get from their website and low monthly fees.

    Need to see more Sellfy reviews?

    They also have a 4.6 rating on Capterra and a 3.9 rating on G2 with a low review count.

    Sellfy Reviews Capterra

    They were founded in 2011 and currently have over 270,000 members selling on their platform. You can tell that they care about their users and website because they're always updating their platform.

    Sellfy Alternatives

    Although Sellfy is a great option for an eCommerce website, there are many other options that should be considered before making a decision.

    If you need something with more advanced analytic tools or sales funnels, you'll need software like ClickFunnels or Podia.

    If you don't need advanced analytic tools and only want the basics, I would recommend BigCommerce or Shopify as your top Sellfy alternatives.

    They're a lot of options out there, but these are the three that I would recommend.

    • Podia
    • SamCart
    • ClickFunnels

    What I Like About It

    I like the fact that Sellfy doesn't have any transaction fees and includes email marketing features.

    I also like that they have a lot of features to sell your products such as product discounts, sales, and coupons.

    The Sellfy pricing isn't bad at all with what you get in return. Just make sure you use its features to the fullest to get your money's worth.

    What I Don't Like About It

    This is a review so I want to be completely transparent and honest with you.

    One major thing I noticed is that you could earn more revenue if they added payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    I'm not sure if they will add that in the future, but other shopping cart software providers already have.

    You can at least start a free trial before choosing Sellfy as your main eCommerce platform.


    Does Sellfy Take A Cut?

    No, Sellfy does not take a cut of your profits nor do they charge any type of transaction fee.

    Does Sellfy Work With All Types Of Content?

    Yes, they have a number of different products that work with all types of content creators. There are no limitations to the type of content you can sell on their platform. 


    • Digital downloads
    • PDFs
    • Mini-courses
    • Clothing
    • Live streaming

    Can I Migrate Everything?

    Yes, if you're on the business or unlimited plan, you can migrate all your previous products to Sellfy.

    Review Conclusion

    That completes the Sellfy review.

    I hope that it was helpful to you in learning more about this platform and whether it would be a good fit for you.

    Let me know in the comments what your experiences with Sellfy has been like and if you would recommend it for others.

    Build Your Digital Product Business.

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