Learn how to make money with Credit Repair Cloud and start a profitable credit repair business today using the #1 rated credit repair software!

We all know that many businesses and consumers have moved towards making money online and credit repair is one of the best opportunities in today's market. 

The best news? Credit Repair Cloud makes it simple to start and scale a credit repair company from scratch! You might want to sit down for this one because you're going to learn a lot about this business!

Credit Repair Cloud

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Starting a credit repair business was the foundation of my exit from the 9-5 grind and in no way am I saying that a 9-5 job isn't great, but it definitely wasn't what I wanted for my future.

I Started credit repair using Credit Repair Cloud with my business partner in early 2020 right before the pandemic and all I can say is that this business model is very hot right now especially after all the financial stress placed on the economy.

How Much Can You Make With Credit Repair Cloud?

Credit Repair Cloud allows you to charge clients monthly or pay per delete business model using automation. 

The income potential with credit repair cloud is never-ending and you can estimate your revenue using this calculator.

Credit Repair Calculator

Most credit repair companies will charge $59-$99 per month with $79 being the industry average. Using the calculator above you can input any number you want and figure out what your estimated revenue per month will be.

Before we start. make sure to grab a free trial of Credit Repair Cloud so you can follow along!

Credit Repair Cloud Free Trial

Try Credit Repair Cloud for the next 30 days completely for FREE! Send out dispute letters and get your first few clients!

How To Start Making Money With Credit Repair Cloud

Making money with credit repair cloud can become very lucrative with a low overhead cost. There are many ways to start generating an income online using this software.

1. Get Credit Repair Clients

The first and main way to make money with CRC is to start getting credit repair clients.

How do you go about this? Here are a few ways to you can start to get clients using credit repair cloud!

Free Test Clients

After you sign up for Credit Repair Software, send a mass update to your friends and family that you are starting a credit repair business. Let them know that you'll help them for free so you can get testimonials and results!


Start gaining referrals by the same free test clients you worked with! You can also use social media to gain traction from affiliate partnerships and have a B2B relationship from your new gained affiliates.

Social Media

Use social media apps like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to reach a bigger audience for your credit repair services.

Check out a recent video I made on how to get credit repair clients FAST!

2. Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Signing up with Credit Repair affiliate programs on top of the income you're producing from credit repair services is the best way to double dip into your profit margins.

What does this mean exactly?

Let's say you have a lead that doesn't need any dispute services done by you, but you see that they could use a credit builder card. You can then send them an affiliate link to a service such as Self Lender and receive a small commission for them signing up. 

Another great example is signing up for a credit monitoring service and receive a recurring payout for every customer you send the affiliate program.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

3. Credit Repair Cloud's Affiliate Program

So lets' say you want to focus on affiliate marketing while you are building your credit repair business. You can sign up for Credit Repair Cloud's affiliate program and start to create content around credit repair software.

This is a perfect opportunity to be involved in credit repair if you still aren't able to start your business or unable to afford the monthly fee for CRC.

Also, did you know that after you signup over 100 active users, you qualify for Credit Repair Cloud's Dream Car Bonus?!

Credit Repair Cloud Affiliate Program

How Does Credit Repair Cloud's Affiliate Program Work?

Credit Repair Cloud uses third-party affiliate software, PartnerStack to manage their affiliate ecosystem.

Meaning that you will have a full dashboard and interface to manage your affiliate links, referrals, and clicks.

Credit Repair Cloud has a 90-day cookie placed on every lead that clicks on your special link ID. So if someone were to purchase 60 days later, you would still receive the sale for that client! Amazing right?

After you have 100 active clients using the software, you can get in contact CRC and they will assist you in the process of getting your brand new dream car!

Sign up for their FREE training on how to start affiliate marketing for their software today. Click here.


Credit Repair Cloud is not an MLM so I do not receive any compensation for you being an affiliate for this company! 

How To Make More Money With Credit Repair Cloud

In order to start making more money with credit repair cloud or any business in general. You will need to setup your marketing and automations to get more clients in your pipeline.

First the step would be setting up a Sales Funnel or Lead Page.

Credit Repair Sales Funnel

We use ClickFunnels as our main website builder for many reasons:

  • Setup Sales Funnels Instantly.
  • Create automations with Zapier.
  • Build landing pages.
  • Create survey forms.

Once the visitor clicks "Get Started" , they will be taken to a survey page where they enter required information to see if they qualify for our services.

This takes away most of the problems of having a lead become a client because they are taking action on the survey form and creates trust between our company and the lead.

The second step in the process is to collect their email.

Once they enter the survey form or lead form, you must collect their email so you can send them offers or remind them of your service. This makes sure that you can follow up with them if they didn't purchase when they were on your page or after the consultation call.

The last step would be to offer them other services and products.

A huge mistake many credit repair owners do is to not provide other services or products to their clients once they finish their credit repair.

Here is an example of how we make extra money after the credit repair service!

Credit Repair Training

We offer done for you disputes and credit rebuilding training to our clients that completed their services with us!

We host our courses within ClickFunnels, but you can use any course platform that you would like.

I really hope you enjoyed this article on how to make money with Credit Repair Cloud and don't forget to get a FREE Trial once your ready!

How To Make Money With Credit Repair Full Video

Credit Repair Cloud FREE For 6 Months

Credit Repair Cloud currently offers 6 months of paid usage if you purchase their MasterClass Program. 

Watch their FREE training and see if it's worth it for you!

Is Credit Repair Cloud Legit?

Yes, Credit Repair Cloud is legit and as of today, they have over 17,000 active users!

Credit Repair Cloud Users

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

Credit Repair Cloud offers a 30-Day free trial and plans start at $179 per month.

Credit Repair Cloud Login

Credit Repair Cloud Login Dashboard Here.

Credit Repair Cloud Conclusion


  • All in one CRM platform.
  • Import Credit Reports with 1-Click.
  • Zapier Automations.
  • Tons of Training.


  • Can be expensive if you still use other tools.
  • Can be overwhelming without proper guidance.

Do I recommend Credit Repair Cloud?

Yes, I recommend Credit Repair Cloud especially if you're an entrepreneur looking to start a lucrative business, an affiliate marketer, or have any online business. Using CRC can help you save money in the long run as you don’t need any other tool to manage your business or side hustle online. Perfect for Real Estate, Sales, and local businesses.

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