Foundr is a company that has made millions online. Founded by Nathan Chan in 2014, the company has grown into an empire with multiple income streams.

The best news? Anyone can do what Foundr has accomplished if you put in the work and solve people's problems. 

The four main revenue sources of income are Online Courses, The Foundr Magazine Subscription, and Affiliate Marketing.

In this article, I will take you through all the ways Foundr makes money online and their marketing channels!

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What Is Foundr?

Foundr is an online publication that helps entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners get started on their journey to online success.

Nathan Chan built the company from the ground up without investors and he shares his best strategies with entrepreneurs while interviewing the big sharks in entrepreneurship.

Foundr Homepage

How Does Foundr Make Its Money?

Foundr makes its money in a number of ways.

They make most of their money online with Online Courses, A Newsletter, Instagram, Podcasts, Affiliate Marketing, and The Foundr Magazine Subscription that are all monetized with affiliate links.

Phew! that's a lot! but don't worry, we'll go over the biggest lessons below this post.

Here's how they make their money.

Online Courses:

Foundrs Online Courses

The First and most profitable way Foundr makes its money is through online courses. They teaches entrepreneurs and beginners all the steps they need to take in order to be successful. They run free training workshops for each online course!

They've created so many successful courses that they even built a course on how to make money with courses. (Without Scammy Guru Tactics! lol)

The best part about the online courses is that they're not just offered one time and then you never get anything from them again, they are constantly updated to give entrepreneurs new insights as well as fresh content in order to stay relevant.

You can learn anything from starting an ecommerce store to building an audience on Instagram.

Some of their most popular courses are:

  • Instagram Domination
  • Start And Scale An Ecommerce Store
  • Rapid Course Formula
  • How To Master Youtube Ads
  • How To Run Facebook Ads
  • & So Much More!
  • Pricing:

    What is the cost of their training?

    Foundr charges a hefty price for their courses starting at $1997 and payment plans of $597.

    Magazine Subscription:

    Foundr makes money by offering the Foundr Magazine Subscription

    Foundr Magazine

    The magazine is full of in-depth interviews, advice, and secrets about how other entrepreneurs have found success in entrepreneurship. It's so popular that it consistently ranks as one of the top magazines for business ideas on IOS & Android.


    They offer a simple pricing plan where you can purchase a single issue for $4 or their yearly subscription at $21.99 per month.

    Foundr Magazine Pricing


    Through their podcast, Foundr connects with entrepreneurs all over the globe to share insights on how they've found success in various aspects of entrepreneurship, interview successful business owners, and get advice from those who have been there before you. 

    Foundr Podcast

    They even get popular business owners such as Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins to come onto their podcast for an interview.

    They make money from recommending products and bring in organic traffic to their courses.


    The Foundr podcast is completely free to listen to.

    Blogging & Youtube

    The team at Foundr also writes long-form articles to receive thousands of monthly visitors to their blog. This allows them to funnel their traffic to their online courses and podcast through capturing their email list or direct sign-ups. 

    Same thing goes for their youtube channel! Check out my article on how to make money on Youtube.

    After some research, seeing they don't have any ads on their articles. They don't make money from the blog but rather they use it as a tool to promote their other products which are monetized with affiliate links and online courses. 

    Foundrs Masterclass

    How They Get Most Of Their Traffic

    Foundr uses a combination of everything but mainly gains its customers through Instagram, Podcasting, and Youtube. They have amassed over 2 million followers on IG and over 100,000 subs on youtube.

    Foundr Instagram

    How To Start Selling Like Foundr

    If you want to start selling like Foundr, you'll need to do three things:

    • Offer online courses, provide a product that solves a problem.
    • Have a low-priced subscription service. 
    • Create an engaging platform with quality guests and content.

    You can use a platform like Podia to start creating online courses, sell memberships, and host webinars. Podia is the perfect all-in-one platform for selling content and create an online business like Foundr.

    Podia Site

    Many people always ask how to set up a course business and overcomplicate the process, but it's actually easy when you have an end goal. 

    First, think about the problem you want to solve: is there a need for your course? If not then don't create one!

    You want as many people that are interested in what you're teaching so if no one is asking for your content then maybe you should change topics.

    Second, figure out how much you're going to charge for the course. People often overprice their courses and then don't sell any, so make sure it's something people can afford. 

    Third, think about a way that your customers will get value from taking your class- this could be through video tutorials or live lessons with an instructor online. 

    Foundrs Trainers

    Remember, even at Foundr, they outsource the live courses to experts in the field who have experience and a clear understanding of the topic.

    The last step is to build the course and start making money! You can use Podia's platform to create a new course on your own or digital products

    Top Recommended Platforms


    Podia review 2021

    Podia is an all-in-one platform to sell digital products and online courses. You can sell your own products and services or use Podia to easily turn your content into a profit-generating machine.


    SamCart Overview

    SamCart is an all-in-one shopping cart system that allows you to sell online courses, digital products, and coaching programs. They provide the features of a more expensive eCommerce platform like Shopify, but with additional capabilities for selling your own digital products. They also connect to numerous applications using Zapier.



    Sellfy is ideal for both selling digital items and e-commerce products online. You can quickly create a beautiful storefront with Sellfy and sell your digital items as well as physical goods across the world, thanks to their built-in shopping cart tool, mobile responsive design that looks great on any device, free SSL certificate to make it simple to sell digital and physical goods, and customizable checkout process.

    Is Foundr Legit?

    Yes, Foundr is legit and they have a lot of success stories to show for it

    If you want to learn more about Foundr, read their blog posts check out their Instagram account.

    Nathan Chan's story honestly is very inspirational because he was able to start his company from scratch and grow it into something huge. It hit home for me since it's exactly what I'm doing on my site here and acting as a one-man show..(For now!)

    They're a great example of how you can build an online business and not have to have investors or capital upfront.


    That sums up how Foundr makes its money through digital products and other monetization strategies.

    If you want to learn which digital products to create for your business, be sure to check out my blog post on the best digital product ideas to sell online!

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