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Have you been searching around for the best Instagram growth services with no luck? I’ve been there and the feeling of not knowing whether you picked the right growth service or worse, get scammed by someone requesting your account access in a whole different country.. 

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In this article, I’ll tell you which IG growth services are the best to use depending on the outcome you’re looking for.  

Instagram Growth Service Overview

Social Sensei best instagram service
  • Full Customer Support
  • Real Followers & Engagement
  • 80%+ Retention Rate
  • Social Media Strategies Included
  • Best Promotion Packages
  • 48 Hour Refund Policy

Stellation Media

Stellation Media Logo
  • Full Customer service
  • Different Instagram Services
  • Complete Dashboard
  • Mass story Engager
  • Add & Remove Different Services
  • Affordable Monthly Prices
  • 5 Day Money Back Guarantee

4 of 5 stars



  • Only Has Like Feature for IG Safety
  • Affordable
  • Auto-Engage With Targeted followers
  • No Ghost Followers
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee ( I Tested It)

4 of 5 stars

Why should you trust me? I’ve actually used the services listed and believe it’s best to be as completely transparent as possible when it comes to online reviews. If I haven’t, I always make sure I do my research and contact the support team to get as much information as possible. 

What Are The Best Instagram Growth Services To Use?

Depending on what you are trying to get out of your Instagram whether its:

  • More Followers
  • Better Engagement
  • Swipe Up Features
  • Sponsorships
  • Credibility 
  • More Sales

You need to still put in the work and consistently be posting at least twice a day and post on your story throughout the day as well.

I also was able to grow my account quickly using Instagram reels. I completely recommend doing this along with one of the Instagram growth services to maximize your engagement and sales.

Here are my top picks for the best Instagram growth services to use this year. 

1. Social Sensei

Best Instagram Promotion Service Overall

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is the best overall growth service to use and real humans work on your account, not like other bot services. They leverage the power of celebrities and micro-influencers to deliver real targeted followers.

They state that they guarantee the safety of your account and organic reach with a full on-call support team.

The signup process is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes. You will be entered into a promotional giveaway and start to receive organic followers.

Key Features:

  • Select target audience.
  • Full dashboard to track growth.
  • Different celebrity promotions.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Full loop giveaways.
  • Access to an account manager.
  • Grow your instagram to make sales daily.

Pricing Plans:

Social Sensei offers pricing plans ranging from $299 per month all the way to $999 per month.

No Free trial is offered but they do offer a money back guarantee.

Now the reason Social Sensei is #1 on this list, is not only do they offer Instagram growth but provide a variety of different high-end services.

Social Sensei Pricing

Whether you need a full social media marketing strategy they have a complete US-based Team to consult you on your Instagram account or even TikTok Growth plans.

Social Sensei also provides you with full SEO plans to scale your website or blog. This is a good service if you're looking to receive backlinks and organic traffic to your website.

Social Sensei SEO

2. Stellation Media.

Runner up on the best Instagram growth services

Stellation Media

Grow your Instagram page with a full unique dashboard where you can add or remove certain services within seconds. Stellation Media focuses on full mass story engagement which allows them to view thousands of targeted follower’s stories.

This allows those new followers to check on your account, view your page, and possibly follow you if you have good content.

Stellation Media

Key Features:

  • Inbox DM: Within your Dashboard, you’ll be able to message followers directly.
  • Profile Management:  You’ll be able to edit your Instagram username, website URL, gender, email, phone number, profile picture & bio.
  • DM Cleaner: You can delete and clear your inbox.
  • Auto Repost Story: This tool allows you to repost your post to receive more engagement from followers who haven’t previously liked an image.
  • Auto-approve Feature: You can automatically approve follow request.
  • Scheduling & Editor: Setup and manage your post whenever you want to get them on social media. This allows you to save time and focus more on building connections while Stellation Media does the rest.

Pricing Plans: 

Stellation Media offers simple pricing plans starting at $99 per month for their Mass Story Engager Plan.

Their highest plans runs for $199 per month with a 5-day money back guarantee.


$99 Mass Story Engager


$149 Influencer


$199 Rockstar

Get started with Stellation Media Today.

3. Kicksta

Best Instagram Growth Service For Likes

Kicksta is a great budget-friendly growth service to use because they really only focus on one feature. Likes.


The reason they do this is to be as compliant and safe to use while still getting a steady flow of followers. Now when I tested Kicksta, I won’t lie to you, but it did take some time to start seeing any kind of engagement.

Another great reason to go with Kicksta is that they provide many free guides and also promote their Instagram infographics product.

Key Features:

  • Find profiles similar to yours
  • Auto-engage with their followers
  • Video onboarding
  • Worksheets & Templates to grow on Instagram
  • Auto-likes to targeted followers
  • Pay as you go service

Pricing Plans:

Kicksta offers two simple pricing plans starting from $49 per month and $99 per month for their premium plan.

Kicksta Pricing

4. Social Buddy

Social Buddy’s Instagram growth service helps you organically increase your Instagram followers and likes through advanced targeting. With Social Buddy, they claim to give you real engaged audience and no bots.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy focuses on competitor and hashtag strategies.

Key Features:

  • Targets high engagement users on Instagram
  • Organic growth
  • Advanced targeting for the niche you choose
  • Follow and unfollow features
  • A dedicated account manager

Pricing Plan:

Social Buddy offers one plan at $99 per month.

Social Buddy

Sign up for Social Buddy today.

5. TreeFrog

TreeFrog is the most affordable among all the services listed and why I placed it on the list for anyone who really wants a cheaper route.

Treefrog Social

Key Features:

  • Targeted growth through niche selection
  • Choose up to 5 accounts to engage followers with.
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Managed by real people

Pricing Plan:

TreeFrog Social is only $29.99 per month for their Instagram growth service plan.

TreeFrog Instagram

Are Instagram Growth Services worth it?

I believe Instagram growth services are worth it when you pack it with daily posts and Instagram reels.

I’ve been using this method on my account and have seen over 6k average views on my account without having to do any crazy posting or edits.

So yes, It is completely worth it as long as you stay engaged. You still need to put in the work while your growth service does the targeting. 

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

In order to get more followers on Instagram, you must first ensure that you have a good and informative Instagram account. You should make sure to post great content, images, videos, or both on a regular basis.

After all, the whole point of growing your Instagram followers is for people to see the content you are producing.

Someone I enjoy learning from is Dan Thomas who teaching instagram growth hacks.

Imdanthomas Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

Yes, you can actually make money on Instagram! The idea is simple but the process is hard.

There are many ways to make money on Instagram. The most common way is to use an Instagram growth service for this purpose.

An Instagram growth service will help you grow your Instagram profile organically and sell your digital products or services. 

This means that a lot of real people will follow your account and you will gain real followers.

Secondly, by using the correct hashtags and mentioning popular accounts in your posts, you can also get sponsored. The company or brand that sponsors you will pay you to post one of their images on your Instagram account.

Moreover, if your content is deemed valuable by others, they may pay you for a shout-out on Instagram. A Shout Out is when someone with a large following on Instagram posts one of your images or videos. You simply tag the account of the person who would post your content and ask for a shout-out in your caption then you will get paid!


Whether you try the services or not. You can still get a refund and you can now at least say you tried it out.

It works for others, but won’t always work for everyone, but it’s best to try and grow your Instagram account.

Once I started to focus more on social media, I started to see way more sales and connections being made and I won’t ever look back on that. 

I hope if you noticed I didn’t add a bunch of random products but I honestly believe in transparency for my blog readers. I created this site to help businesses and entrepreneurs scale their income online.

Try Social Sensei Today and get a Free Consultation with me as a bonus!

Read the full Social Sensei Review Today

Comment Below if you tried any of the services or have any questions!

Instagram Growth Services Infographic

How To Find The Best Instagram Growth Service In 2019

Source: Kicksta

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