December 30, 2020

5+ Best Credit Repair Software For Business in 2021

by Your Friendly Entreprenuer

Finding a way to start and grow your credit repair business can be stressful, but what if you could produce more sales with less workload in half the time?

We all know that the credit repair process takes time, but using these 5+ best credit repair software for business can help you automate the process in half the time. 

The best news? It's very simple to use each credit repair software that I am going to show you today. 

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Back in early 2019, I was able to quit my 9-5 job by starting a credit repair business using these exact same credit repair tools. Now Credit Repair Cloud allows us to automate 80% of the entire process and we use other tools such as Calendly and Zapier to automate the appointment scheduling process as well.

At first, it took me some time to get used to but after we managed to remove thousands of negative items we now have this business on autopilot, so I can now work on this blog and help others start and scale their businesses.

Are you in a rush? Heres my #1 favorite credit repair software.

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud allows you to start and grow a credit repair business whether your at home or at an office. Start fixing credit and build an amazing business.

What does credit repair software do?

Credit Repair Software allows you to start and scale your business so you can earn more sales online, remove negative items faster than your competitors, and organize your workflow.

Adding extra tools such as online appointment scheduling and a course platform will allow you to help even further when it comes to speaking to new leads and giving them Freebies such as DIY credit repair guides.

How much is credit repair software?

Just like any other business, the software can be expensive but at the end of the day, it's important to have it so you can automate and scale your business. 

You can either go with free or cheap products but 90% of the time you will end up having to purchase the paid or pro version. The software and tools you will see below range from $0-$179 a month.

What is the best credit repair software?

As I explained earlier, using credit repair software for your credit repair business is very beneficial especially if you are trying to scale and make more money.

When we realized how important it was to outsource and automate, thats when our company grew faster.

Here are the best credit repair softwares to use.

1. Credit Repair Cloud

Best Credit Repair Software

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud is a complete all in one software that allows you to start, scale, and grow a credit repair business all from your home or office. CRC was founded by Daniel Rosen who wanted to fix the gap between credit repair businesses and clients to help automate the credit repair process.

With Credit Repair Cloud you’re able to:

Key Features:

  • Easily add clients to a ready-made business.
  • Import credit reports and generate credit audits with just one click.
  • Generate dispute letters in seconds with a complete wizard setup.
  • Organize everything in one simple dashboard and CRM.
  • Affiliate Partnership with complete referral tracking.
  • Generate extra revenue with credit monitoring services.
  • Receive updated training.
  • Automate recurring billing for your clients.

Using Credit Repair Cloud has completely changed the way you fix credit and now allows you to outsource all the hard work… Sending out letters by letting you batch & print all in one click!

Why Credit Repair Cloud over the competitors?

With CRC, I took their Credit Hero Challenge which is a 14-day training course teaching you the ins and outs of credit repair. With this program I was able to start my credit repair business with my awesome business partner and now I am able to blog full time as a result of our success.

Pricing Plans:

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

Credit Repair Cloud offers a 30 day free trial along with four pricing plans.

Their Start Plan starts at a cost of $179 per month; Their Grow Plan goes for $299 per month while the Scale Plan is $399 per month. The final plan is Enterprise which goes for $599 per month and let me congratulate you if you are on that plan!


  • Allows you to automate 80% of processing.
  • Links to billing, affiliate internal softwares.
  • Certified training courses.
  • 10,000+ Community members.


  • Not a get rich quick scheme. Need to still put in the work.
  • Can be overwhelming without proper guidance.
  • Website templates look  outdated

Do I recommend Credit Repair Cloud?

Yes, I recommend Credit Repair Cloud if you are looking to grow and scale your credit repair business. This software allows you to easily sign up new clients and send out their dispute letters with just a push of a button. I use it for my credit repair company as well.

2. DisputeBee

Best Personal Credit Repair Software

DisputeBee is the runner up when it comes to credit repair software. The reason they beat the other competitors is that they allow personal disputing for a great price and once you fix your own credit you can start to repair others by upgrading to their business plan.

Even though Credit Repair Cloud allows you to try their software for 30 days FREE, I recommend you try to fix your own credit using DisputeBee and see how you like their platform if you want to start fixing others credit.

With DisputeBee, you can upload your credit report and with their dispute wizard, it will inform you which accounts are negative or incorrect. Once you tag which items you want to dispute, DisputeBee's wizard tool will create the letters for you and you will need to send them out via mail, not online!

Key Features:

  • Import credit reports.
  • Automatically generate dispute letters.
  • Full CRM system.
  • E-contract integration.
  • unlimited team members.

DisputeBee Pricing

DisputeBee Pricing

3. Smartcredit

Best Credit Monitoring Service

With SmartCredit you can monitor your credit scores and reports on a monthly basis for all three major credit bureaus. The best part is that you don’t get dinged every time you check your reports and this software comes with many extra added tools for you to maintain a great credit score or for your clients.

If you want to use this for business then it's probably the best out there because you are able to white label their entire service as your own. Meaning when you sign up potential clients you can add credit monitoring to your monthly plan. If you run a credit repair business, then you know how important it is to get the client to trust you with their credit report. 

Key Features:

  • Credit monitoring alerts.
  • Identity protection.
  • Monthly updated credit reports.
  • White-label branded dashboard.
  • Full customer support.

4. Thinkific

Best Course & Membership Platform

Thinkific is a course learning platform to allow you to create, market, and sell online courses or membership sites. This is very important because you can start to teach others how to fix their credit or add this as an add-on service when your clients are done with their credit repair.

We use this when we get our clients the results they need so we leave them with a course to maintain that credit score and fix any credit issues.

Thinkific will allow you to create amazing course lessons all through a drag and drop feature which you can use completely for free.

Key Features:

  • Easily create custom courses.
  • Drag & drop course builder.
  • Course surveys.
  • Create private or hidden courses.
  • Host support team inside of course content.


Thinkific Pricing

They start off with a Free plan to test out; The Basic plan cost $39 per month and the Pro plan goes for $79 per month. Once you grow you can upgrade to the $399 per month.

5. Calendly

Best Free Online Scheduling Software

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that allows you to automate the signup process to easier appointments. Create an event, add your open times/dates, and embed on any of your websites or social media platforms.

We use Calendly on our site and when we have someone schedule an appointment we get an automated message for that event and we use zapier to automatically add it to your google calendar.

Key Features:

  • Host multiple events through one calendar invite.
  • Embed calendar within your website.
  • Add billing features.
  • Integrate other apps via zapier.

Get started for FREE with Calendly.

6. Kartra

Best Landing Page Builder 

Kartra is an all in one landing page builder to create websites and get more clients to schedule an appointment with you on complete auto-pilot.

If you ever wondered how big credit repair companies are growing so fast, they do so because they have a system in place to capture leads and also automate sign up process.

With Kartra you can do this by creating beautiful landing pages to send traffic to and have them sign up to your services. Lets say they don't sign up immediately or don't answer the phone for their scheduled appointment. You can send them automated emails with Kartra and remind them everyday why they need credit repair services through email sequences. 

Trey Kartra for FREE Today and build a beautiful website!


Kartra Pricing


  • All in one marketing platform.
  • Get rid of your other tools.
  • Send automated emails.
  • A lot of training.


  • Can be expensive if you still use other tools.
  • Can be overwhelming at first.

Do I recommend Kartra?

Yes, I recommend Kartra especially for credit repair companies if you are looking to turn leads into clients.

How to make money with credit repair software

Making money with credit repair software has never been easier with credit repair cloud. When I first started my credit repair business, i was wasting so much time on printing out all the letters and trying to remind clients of their payment due.

This caused a lot of stressed but when I switched over to CRC, I was able to manage my clients a lot better because the payments were set up for auto-pay and the contracts were signed when they created their online portal.

This allowed me to focus on getting more clients and promoting on social media.


Remember to invest in yourself and in your business in order to grow. Start with the end in mind and see what you need to do exactly to scale. 

Be sure to check out my full review on Credit Repair Cloud or take the Credit Hero Challenge to get more in-depth training on how to start and grow your credit repair business.


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