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A blog about online business and SAAS. Where entrepreneurs are born and grow into successful business owners, with marketing tech as their weapon of choice.

How Trendy Businesses Started

I started my online journey after trying college out and not knowing what to do after the military. I was almost done with my military contract so I knew that I needed to start making money and build a legitimate future for myself. 

Not only have I failed at different side hustles, but it took me a long time to even figure out what was wrong. I didn't have a plan and I was always testing out different business models. I finally created a structure for myself that lets me leverage marketing tech and templates.

Even though I made a lot of mistakes, got scammed, and tried every possible way of making money online, I do not regret any of those choices as I learned many lessons and skills through this process.

About Eddy.

In 2019, I began my very first blogging journey and failed miserably because of a lack of motivation and FOMO (Fear of missing out.) Now I grew two online businesses from the ground up and blog full-time to help entrepreneurs get out of the rat race with unique side hustles.

My First Side Hustle started out with affiliate marketing and I loved the idea of making money selling other people's product but again, I made the mistake of trusting "gurus" online and I purchased a $3000 course that I could have honestly learned for free using YouTube and Google search... At that point, I gave up on affiliate marketing and tried blogging out.

Boy was I in for a huge headache, I thought it was going to be easy setting up a website and just throwing content out that I liked, but it was the complete opposite and that's when I found out you need to learn SEO, building relevant content, organic reach, building connections, social media marketing, influencing others and so much more that I just wasn't prepared for. 

My very first blog completely flopped and I was completely miserable. I felt like I was letting everyone down around me, the most important people in my life felt like I was just wasting my time and that crushed my online journey. 

I knew they were just looking out for me, but I always kept seeing others win and I just kept getting very frustrated because I knew that I was meant for more.

Little did I know that all these side hustles I tried built me up to where I am now.

I was able to start and grow a credit repair business during the pandemic with my business partner and we were able to quit our jobs to do what we love to do... ONLINE MARKETING.

Now I dedicate my time and research to help others find their unique online businesses and leave their 9-5 jobs! So Trendy Businesses was born and I won't ever look back at the choices I made.

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Eddy Ballesteros

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What I Talk About ☕ 

How I make money online and how you can grow your business with any of these models.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has played a huge part in letting me earn "passive income" online. This is the process of selling other people's products and receive a commission on a recurring basis or a one-time fee.

Affiliate Marketing My Story
Digital Products My Story

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is a perfect phase up from affiliate marketing and allows you to grow your income online. If you need someone to help you create your first digital product and market it correctly, I'm your guy!

Youtube & Other Social Platforms

The internet is moving more towards social media, so it's important to grow your audience on Instagram and YouTube if you want to create and sell products online. Growing organically instead of paying for ads can be a fun way to do affiliate marketing or selling your own digital products.

Social Media My Story
AI Copywriting

AI Copywriting Software

Ai Copywriting has allowed me to grow my online business like crazy! I didn't think it would take so little time for Ai copywriting software, but they have made scaling fast and easy.