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Every side hustle starts with a goal, then a plan because without a plan, your goal is just a dream. Start with Trendy Businesses :)

About Eddy.

In 2018, I began my very first blogging journey and failed miserably because of lack of motivation and FOMO (Fear of missing out.) Now I grew two businesses from the ground up and blog full time to help entrepreneurs get out of the rat race with unique side hustles.

How Trendy Businesses Started

I started my online journey in 2018 when I knew that school wasn't for me and I was almost done with my military contract so I knew that I needed to start making money FAST. Even though I made a lot of mistakes, got scammed, and tried every possible way of making money online, I do not regret any of those choices as I learned many lessons and skills through this process.

Trendy Businesses Military

My First Side Hustle started out with affiliate marketing and I loved the idea of making money selling other people's product but again, I made the mistake of trusting "gurus" online and I purchased a $3000 course that I could have honestly learned for free using youtube and website search... At that point, I ended up giving up on affiliate marketing and tried blogging out.

Boy was I in for a huge headache, I thought it was going to be easy setting up a website and just throwing content out that I liked, but it was the complete opposite and that's when I found out you need to learn SEO, building relevant content, organic reach, building connections, social media marketing, influencing others and so much more that I just wasn't prepared for. 

TrendyBusinesses Failure
Eddy Ballesteros

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My very first blog completely flopped and I was completely miserable because I felt like I was letting everyone down around me, the most important people in my life felt like I was just wasting my time and that crushed my online journey. I knew they were just looking out for me, but I always kept seeing others win and I just kept getting very frustrated because I knew that I was meant for more...

Little did I know that all these side hustles I tried built me up to where I am now. I was able to start and grow a credit repair business during the pandemic with my business partner and we were able to quit our jobs to do what we love to do... ONLINE MARKETING.

Now I dedicate my time and research to help others find their unique side hustle and leave their 9-5 jobs! So Trendy Businesses was born and I won't ever look back at the choices I made.

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